Learning and Development

Learning and Development

We offer training in English and Finnish.

Our team is ready to provide or customize education and training for your unique organization or professional needs. We not only help you to identify where you or your team need to grow and develop, but also help you with a plan to succeed. Call us today to inquire about our custom learning programs or to schedule workshops, seminars, retreats, and training to fit your need and budget.

Contact us today to learn more about our custom programs.

Custom workshops start at $200.00 per person (min of 5 people).

Recent Zoom Workshops Include:

  • Managing Remote Teams
  • Leading in a Crisis and Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace 
  • Diversity and Inclusion Training
  • Emerging Leaders Roundtables
  • Leadership in the 21st Century Mastermind 

Mentor Coaching

Dr. Kripchak and Dr. Bergstrom are ICF Credential Professional Level Coaches and registered Certified Mentor Coaches. If you are earning or renewing an ICF credential, you need 10 hours of Mentor Coaching Education to satisfy the ICF educational requirements. Please use the “Learn More” button below to register for our next course. 

Mentor coaching is not only valuable for earning a professional credential, but also a value to anyone who desires to employ coaching as a professional practice or as a leadership strategy or style. Our team offers mentor coaching for:

  • Certified ICF Mentor Coaching hours (10 hours for ACC  or PCC credentialing)
  • Mentor coaching for those new to coaching
  • Coaching mentoring and education for those wanting to use a coaching philosophy or strategy
  • Training and development in using the Manager-as-Coach approach to leadership
  • Those wanting to use emotional intelligence (EI) and EI assessment in coaching or leading others