Kris Kripchak, USAF Maj. Ret, MS

Kris is committed to guiding organizations to build interdisciplinary teams, explore possibilities, and innovate actionable solutions that create the synergy of diverse expertise required to achieve their goals.  A leader with 20 years of operational experience, to include in the international arena, Kris is adept at partnering with subjectmatter experts, management, and leadership to address challenges, achieve consensus and alignment, and identify the right actions, training, and support necessary for success.  A credentialed online instructional designer with a long history of training, education, and development roles, to include over 6 years at the graduate level, Kris tirelessly strives to help organizations create processes and programs that ensure meaning and value in what they do in support of their learners and personnel.  Dedicated to the art and science of learning, Kris champions learning opportunities that develop and support the teaching practice of online instructors, and advocates for the application of best practices in instructional design that takes the learning experience to the next level.