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Kay Wolff Coaching merges the power of consulting with coaching, which means we not only give you solutions but also support you and your business during the transition.

Our Services

Wolff Coaching Specializes in and can help you with the following:

Leadership Coaching

Coaching is a thought partnership where you and coach work together to create a clear path forward.


Wolff consults are ready to help you to prepare education and learning programs that help to drive performance


Assessments and Surveys are a great way to springboard change and can help you to plan for the future

My Philosophy

“Great success and performance is not achieved alone. Everyone needs a mentor, a thought partner, and someone who supports and champions innovation, change, and momentum. A competent coach inspires the creative and novel thinking that leads to beneficial partnerships, productive changes in perspectives, and the confidence to turn ideas into action. I believe everyone should have a coach and learn to use a coaching philosophy in life, work, and the pursuit of their goals.”
Headshot of Kay Wolff Kripchak founder, principal coach and consultant for Kay Wolff Coaching and Consulting wearing a black blazer.

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