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Kay Wolff Kripchak, MS, MPC, ACC

Founder, Principal Coach and Consultant

Kay’s passion is helping people to clarify and define goals (and dreams) and then coach them to success. Kay is a credentialed Master Performance Consultant with the Association for Talent Development (ATD) and a credentialed Coach through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Kay has more than 25 years of coaching and leadership development experience and is well experienced with program development, integration of processes, project management, and comprehensive coachingand training. She is an expert in adult learning and online course development and delivery. Kay has experience in a diverse set of contexts, including telecommunications, asset management, staffing, hospitality, customer service, manufacturing, education, and USAF military contracting. The latter helped Kay to hone her skills in leadership development, education, and training, as well as providing a place to stretch her skills in diagnosing VUCA issues and designing tailored solutions.Kay is passionate about helping others to bring out their best self and achieve more in both work and life. Kay holds a master’s degree in Psychology, specializing in Industrial and Organizational (I-O) Psychology (Business Psychology) and is nearing the end of a PhD programin I-O Psychology, specializing in Coaching.

Christina Wade Bio, MA

Consultant and Professional Trainer

Christina Wade is an expert language instructor and consultant with more than 15-years’ experience in international and English as a Second Language (ESL) education. She is a visionary with a strong ability to execute comprehensive and engaging learning content. Christina enjoys the challenge of creating tailored language-learning solutions to meet the specific needs of her unique clients. Current and former clients, such as the Cleveland Indians, Old Dominion University, and the University of Lynchburg, have selected Christina for her expertise in teacher and staff training, program development and management, and curriculum design. Christina is passionate about innovation in education and the role of technology to maximize the learning experience. She is professional and highly talented with delivering thought-provoking courses in-person and in virtual environments.Christina holds a B.A. in teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language and an M.A. in English Language and Literature. She is a life-long learner and dedicated to learning and growing, so she can better prepare her clients – and engage them in their own growth journey.

Wayne Cook, BS

Consultant and Game Coach Expert

Wayne holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Auburn University, AL. After graduation Wayne’s career took off, literally, first flying C-141’s for the Air Force, next as a launch controller for the Space Shuttle program, and then as a corporate jet pilot. As an internet video pioneer, Wayne created My Coach Online in 1998 eventually growing it into the largest online video library for sports instruction in the world. Wayne’s talent for problem-solving and stream-lining processes so much, that he actually enjoys it, which is a key driver of his success. This capability in combination with his high positive attitude has no doubt helped him become a success as a pilot and with creating, organizing, and distributing online training videos. As an internet marketeer, Wayne has been featured in numerous news outlets and professional articles, including an email read by Steve Jobs resulting in a prominent position on the Apple Computer website showcasing My Coach Online. And, if this was not enough, Wayne is also an experienced online curriculum designer, course developer, and video producer.

Michael Kripchak, MA


Michael (Brother-in-law to Kay) is a former Air Force acquisitions officer and research physicist, and a Distinguished Graduate from the US Air Force Academy. After the Air Force, Michael headed West to Los Angeles where he plied his skills to the entertainment industry gaining extensive experience in film, television, and internet production. Next, Michael headed East to New York City to earn his Master’s degree from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, where he studied game design, interaction design, and VR/AR development. Michael is an expert with crafting intuitive interactive experience design and 3D interaction design. He is passionate about creating innovative and interactive virtual experiences that purposely connect people to one another in an immersive manner. Michael is a well-rounded entrepreneur and the co-founder and Chief of Strategy and Partnerships at N-GEMS, an indoor Real Time Location Service (RTLS) provider.He successfully organized the Quantum Computation and Information Symposium in 2006, held at Martha’s Vineyard.

Mike Hower, MS, MA

USAF ret., Consultant, and Coach

Mike is the owner and principal consultant of The Mike Hower Company, LLC, a service-disabled veteran-owned small business, which provides individual, organizational, and business-to-business consulting services in the areas of organizational learning, instructional design, and leadership development. As an Air Force-certified charter coach, Mike specializes in helping individuals, teams, and organizations solve tough problems by creating bespoke solutions for learning and leadership development. Mike is an experienced consultant, mentor, and coach. He taps into these three key capabilities to address organizational challenges and find the right actions, training, and support necessary for success. Mike is dedicated to helping organization form a realistic view and align mission, strategies, and development to better guide organizations and their people to move together to reach goals.