Mentor Coaching

Mentor Coaching

Mentor coaching is not only valuable for earning a professional credential, but also a value to anyone who desires to employ coaching as a professional practice or as a leadership strategy or style. Our team offers mentor coaching for:

  • Certified ICF Mentor Coaching hours (10 hours for ACC  or PCC credentialing)
  • Mentor coaching for those new to coaching
  • Training and development in using the Leader-as-Coach approach to leadership
  • Those wanting to grow their emotional intelligence (EI) or use EI assessment in coaching or for leading their teams

ICF Mentor Coaching Hours

Dr. Kripchak and Dr. Bergstrom are ICF Credential Professional Level Coaches and ICF registered Certified Mentor Coaches. If you are earning or renewing an ICF credential, you need 10 hours of Mentor Coaching Education to satisfy the ICF’s educational requirements. The group ICF Mentor Coaching course is offered quarterly (4 times a year), typically on Thursday mornings US time. We offer two timeslots to help you choose the best fit. The course is 12 weeks long and includes 7 one-hour weekly Zoom sessions and 3 one hour one-on-one private coaching sessions. You will need a quiet place, a computer with video capabilities, and a stable Internet connection. All sessions are provided by Dr. Kripchak or Dr. Bergstrom.

We also offer you an online Learning Portal where you can easily locate the course materials, engage with fellow participants, and gain access to additional resources, including readings, videos, and prep items for taking the ICF knowledge assessment. All free to you. You will have access to the learning portal for 6 months following the end of the class, but you will gain access to a private members area at – giving you long-term access to the resource kit. 

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Do you wish to learn how to use coaching in your leadership? Consider our Leader-as-Coach (LC) Approaches to Leadership Course

Whether you are a manager, supervisor, or leader, learning to use a coaching philosophy and integrating coaching into your leadership style can help you to listen and hear more deeply, foster positive and productive work relationships, and help those you lead to raise their awareness, improve thinking strategies, and reach higher goal success. Our Leader-as-Coach (LC) program (also known as Manager-as-Coach or MAC approach) introduces you to the foundations of coaching. Through one-on-one coaching and education, you will learn how to create your own leadership coaching style. The course includes 30 hours of online self-paced content (videos and reading material) designed to raise your awareness and understanding about what coaching is and how coaching works. The course also includes 12 hours of one-on-one coaching delivered once a week for 12 weeks. This allows you to grow your coaching skills overtime. During these weekly Zoom sessions, you will be coached and you will coach another person(s) – a hands-on approach to learning.

Why is Coaching so Important?

During past decades, the business world was managed through a “command and control” style of leadership. This style of leadership works well in an environment that has a strong organizational structure and changes little over time. However, businesses today operate in a global environment and feel more and more pressure as technology advances and the world becomes more virtually connected. The high speed of business has created volatile markets, uncertain futures, challenging demands, and ambiguous working environments. That pressure is forcing leaders to be more engaged, more connected, and foster extraordinary channels of communication and collaboration to maintain a completive and innovated edge in modern business environments. The use of coaching as a leadership style by managers and leadership is helping to bridge the gap between uncertainty and success. If you are not already using coaching in your leadership, you are missing out on the advantages of coaching.

This course is led by Dr. Kay Kripchak and Dr. Heli Bergstrom.

The online portion of this course is delivered via the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) and provides you with many resources and leadership coaching tips and tools. The 12 coaching lessons are delivered via Zoom. You will need a quiet place, a computer with video capabilities, and a stable Internet connection. 

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