What is Coaching?

Coaching offers a thought partnership where you and a coach work together to create a clear path forward. Coaching works because it inspires and supports internal reflection and clarity on individual and collective strengths and capabilities. Coaching helps to remove roadblocks to success and helps you to tap into hidden energy that is necessary for thriving in a VUCA world. A coach helps to ensure that you are capable and ready to take the next step toward success. Together, a coach helps you to set the right goals, motivates you to take the next step forward, holds you accountable for progress, and celebrates with you during each milestone.

Let us help you through various coaching approaches, including coaching for higher performance, team building, resiliency, mindfulness, positive thinking, motivation, and much more.

The benefits of coaching:

  • A 300% to 700% return on investment
  • Supports goal success
  • Improves critical and creative thinking
  • Brings out hidden talent and capabilities
  • Raises confidence and competence
  • Improves working relationships
  • Raises emotional intelligence
  • Curbs counter-productive behaviors
  • Moves faulty thinking into reality

Coaching for Performance

Founder of the popular GROW coaching model and performance-based coaching, Sir John Whitmore (1937-2017) dedicated the last half of his life to helping organizations and people find a way forward together. His approach to coaching digs deep to tap into hidden talent and capability, which helps people to flourish in all settings (home, life, and work). Organizations that employ coaching are more likely to reach success as they support and align sustainable employee growth and development and provide a balance between humans and the work they do.

Wolff consultants are passionate about helping you to bring out your hidden talent and capabilities – for yourself, your teams, or your organization.





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